Million Dollar Puppy?? Chris Brown Gives Daughter An Unbelievable Present

Chris Brown RoyaltyDog lovers, how much did you spend when purchasing your dog?   Hopefully, you rescued him from a local shelter, SPCA, or Humane Society and spent under a $100.   But if you’re looking for a purebred, you may spend hundreds or even thousands for your desired breed.   Chris Brown set a record (according to the New York Daily News) with his new puppy, a rare Tibetian Mastiff valued at $1.5 million dollars!   The dog’s primitive lineage claims to include lion’s blood and their furry, bear-like appearance is a major status symbol for the ultra-wealthy in China. Chris Brown recently gave the puppy to his daughter, Royalty.  Not sure about this ridiculously priced purchase, but Chris definitely had his priorities right when he named his latest CD, “Royalty”, and acknowledged that she was “the greatest gift god ever gave me.” Here’s a touching video of Chris and his daughter.

“LITTLE MORE”  Chris Brown

chris-brown-back-to-sleep-videoChris Brown’s latest single, “Back To Sleep” is a seductive R&B baby-maker with an old school vibe.   Opening with a smooth Marvin Gaye sample, Chris pours on the charm with his latest R&B slow jam.   Unfortunately like so many hits today, the chorus goes too far with a refrain to “F**K you back to the sleep”.    Can you picture Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, or Marvin Gaye taking it to that level to impress the ladies?   There is a clean version with “sex you back to sleep” but here’s the sexy unedited music video of the original.

“BACK TO SLEEP ”   Chris Brown NSFW