Bands Who Called It Quits In 2013

my-chemical-romance_72013 saw the death of some of the greatest musicians of all-time:   George Jones, Lou Reed, and Patti Page quickly come to mind.   But the year will also be marked by the loss of some major bands who called it quits by year’s end.





GOING OUT ON A HIGH:    My Chemical Romance can still fill arenas.   After releasing a number of notable B-sides and lost singles this summer, lead singer Gerald Way, announced they were satisfied with their 12 year run and the time was right.  “Like all great things, it’s time for it to end.”      Indie rockers, The Postal Service had a triumphant closing set at Lollapalooza before their breakup.

“FAMOUS LAST WORDS” My Chemical Romance


CRASH AND BURN:    Lostprophets’ lead singer will be in prison for most of the rest of his life for his despicable attempted rape of a baby.   If true, there is a special place in Hell for people like this.    On a lesser note, U.K. pop princesses and Spice Girls-wannabes, Girls Aloud, disbanded after their sales figures dipped so low they were no longer profitable.


STILL AROUND BUT NOT THE SAME:    Bon Jovi has kicked Richie Sambora out of the band and Hinder has parted ways with their lead singer.    This isn’t a reshuffling of a couple of backup singers or trying out a new producer, this is the heart and soul of the band being removed.