2014 Slang Words On The Rise

who-wants-to-be-my-mcm-wcwIn 2013, #hashtag, selfies, cray cray, molly, and catfish became some of the new trendy words that jumped into our vocabulary.    What words or phrases have became 2014’s go-to slang words?    Lil Jon with DJ Snake added “Turn Up” and “Turnt” to our psyche with their dancefloor smash “Turn Down For What”. 2Chainz added his single, “Turn Up”, to further drive home the phrase into our world.    WCW = Woman Crush Monday and MCM = Man Crush Monday took over Facebook and Instagram as people shared their latest fantasy.   “Twerk” continued to become an essential dance move in 2014.





Pharrell Williams BaeBut 2014’s biggest new word was “BAE”.    What makes the word so curious is it means different things to different people.   Some use it as an anagram for “Before Anyone Else”.   Others say ‘bae as an abbreviation for “baby” or “babe”.    The word is so new, there is no clear consensus but it’s inevitable you’re going to hear it if you’re talking to anyone under 21 years old.   This summer, Pharrell and Miley Cyrus added it tothe hook of their big summer smash, “Come Get It Bae”    2015 is right around the corner, we can only laugh as we wonder what crazy words will take over our vocabulary next year!


“COME GET IT BAE”   Pharrell Williams with Miley Cyrus


“TURNT” The-Dream, Beyonce, 2Chainz