25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s BAD CD: 4 RARE Michael Jackson Videos

A three CD box set has just been released recognizing the 25th Anniversary of “Bad”.    Of course, “Thriller” is the #1 selling album of all-time but people tend to forget that “Bad” is #5 all-time with sales of over 45 million copies.   “Bad” was the first album to have five #1 singles, 9 of the 11 songs were released as singles, and Michael Jackson’s legacy was cemented after such an incredible follow-up to “Thriller”.



The 25th Anniversary boxset features a remaster version of “Bad”, a second CD full of unreleased demos, outtakes, and new versions by producers like Pitbull.    The third CD is the real highlight, a Michael Jackson concert in 1988 at Wembley Stadium.    There is a 4th disc, a DVD of the concert!!    Throw in two picture albums with commentary and it’s an amazing collection to remember the genius of Michael Jackson.




Michael took the winning formula of “Thriller” and expanded it for “Bad”.  Jackson continued including songs of multiple genres, inventing new dance moves, and creating the most inspiring videos (Michael wanted them to be called “short movies”) ever made.  Besides the similarites, throw in the epic “Man In The Mirror” and “The Way You Make Me Feel” and you have an incredible follow-up to Thriller.  Check out the similarities:


Big Production Epic Video:  “Thriller”  vs. “Bad”  (with Wesley Snipes)

Rock Song on the R&B CD:  “Beat It”  vs. “Dirty Diana”

Dance Craze Classic:           “Billie Jean”  vs. “Smooth Criminal”

Superstar Duet: “The Girl Is Mine” (McCartney)  vs.  “Just Good Friends (S.Wonder)

Slow Jam:                           “Human Nature”    vs.   “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”

African Influenced Jam:      “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” vs.   “Liberian Girl”

Here’s some lesser known AMAZING videos from the landmark CD.
“THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL”    Featuring Britney Spears

“SPEED DEMON”       from Moonwalker

“DIRTY DIANA” (Live Madison Square Garden Concert Footage)

“LIBERIAN GIRL” Unreleased Single over 30 cameos!