2014 Artists On The Rise: Lake Street Dive, Reignwolf, Leah Laurenti


rachael price lake street diveLake Street Dive cross music genres. Just from these two epic performances from Late Night with David Letterman and an impromptu Boston street performance, you can hear Jazz, Motown, Sixties Pop, Soul, Swing, and even Bluegrass all rolled into one. The band’s charisma, humor, and impeccable style is contagious. LSD (their shortcut) is a tight band but lead singer, Rachel Price, shines as a true superstar on the rise. After their debut performance on Letterman, Dave said, “Can you come back EVERY night?” The New York quartet met in Boston at the New England Conservatory for Music and will be performing at multiple music festivals this year.
“YOU GO DOWN SMOOTH” Lake Street Dive

“I WANT YOU BACK” (Jackson 5 cover)


reignwolfYou would be hard-pressed to find a musical artist more intense and committed to their music than Canadian blues wildman, Reignwolf. His maniacal live performances at rock festivals have become folk legends. Hanging from the ceiling, diving off-stage with his Fender guitar for an epic solo, bouncing off his drum set, beat up and bloody, anything goes. But this is no publicity stunt act with no talent. Reignwolf is so raw, his style is a blend of The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr, Jack White, even dare I say it, Jimmy Page. This past year, he opened for Black Sabbath and The Pixies. Watch this live performance in the pouring rain and a more “subdued” studio performance:



leah laurentiThe name or face may seem familiar to you. Leah Laurenti is a young Long Island singer/songwriter who appeared on American Idol in 2009 and 2010. Her debut cd is set for release in June. Check out the first video release “Backin’ Down” from this beautiful and talented artist.
“BACKIN DOWN” Leah Laurenti

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