Aerosmith is BACK! Epic New Power Ballad: Korn, Lita Ford, Bullet For My Valentine


Legendary Child, the first new Aerosmith single, didn’t impress.   Then they released another rocker, Lover Alot, which sounds like a B-side from their 90’s Nine Lives CD.   Just when I’m losing faith, comes an AMAZING new power ballad.   Steven Tyler shines on these songs with the big crescendo and the sentimental lyrics.   Like “Angel”, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”, “Amazing”, “What It Takes”, comes their new single that if promoted correctly will become the next #1 hit in the Boston band’s illustrious career.




Take On Me” by a-Ha changed music videos forever.  The MTV classic video mixed live footage with animation and took the cartoon strip into 3-D.   In 1999, Korn took the concept and amped up the effect.   One of the greatest videos of all-time, Todd McFarlane’s idea was to show a stray bullet’s path of destruction as it headed toward Jonathan Davis and Korn.   A winner of MTV’s Video Of The Year, a Grammy for Best Video, and a fan favorite retired on TRL, this was a major highlight for the band.  In 2009, Korn did a cover version of the song with Amy Lee of Evanescence that slows down the tempo but keeps the aggression in the theme.



Lisa, Lisa, say you’re going to live forever,   Lisa, Lisa, we’re never gonna say goodbye,
Only you know who I am, Only you really understand, Nothing’s going to take you away
“. Both of Lita Ford’s parents died at a young age but the death of her mother, Lisa, from breast cancer left a major impact on Lita.  On her 1990 CD, Stiletto, Lita paid tribute to her mom with a beautiful power ballad that is a lost classic of the glam metal era.  If you don’t get moved by this video with images of baby Lita with her mom, something’s wrong with you. Fun Fact:  Did a little research and I learned Lita was married to Tommy Iommi of Black Sabbath for a short time in the 80’s.   That was a shocker!


In the mid to late 2000’s, the Welsh hardcore band, Bullet For My Valentine, was attacking rock radio with their aggressive blend of metalcore and hard rock.   “Your Betrayal” was the lead single on their 2010 CD, Fever, and featured in Angelina Jolie’s film, Salt.  The song combines some epic thrash metal drum solos with massive guitar riffs.   The video shows two beautiful twins committing each of the Seven Deadly Sins.  The energy of the lyrics perfectly set the mood when someone’s really done you wrong.