4 Short Years Ago: January 24, 2009: Top Ten Songs

Coldplay-viva-la-vida-par-gbf2Four short years ago, let’s take a look back at the Top 10 Songs for this week in January in 2009. What memories do these songs conjure up? What happened to these artists since then?  Which songs are still on your iPod playlists?



10. “RIGHT NOW” AKON (Hasn’t released an album since 2008, preparing to launch “Stadium” this year)
9. “LIVE YOUR LIFE” T.I. with RIHANNA (before 2009 ended, T.I. was serving his prison sentence)
From their debut CD, Saving Abel’s most memorable song blasted into the top 10 singles chart for the up and coming Mississippi band. You remember the controversy when the lyrics “going down on me” were edited into “rolling around with me” to soothe sensitive radio listeners. Saving Abel’s career is desperately in need of a spark after their highly disappointing 2012 CD, “Bringing Down The Giant”

7. “HOT N COLD” KATY PERRY (Her second #1 song after “I Kissed A Girl”, her career was about to explode)
5. “SOBER” PINK (the 2nd single from Funhouse, Grammy nomination for this song)
4. “LET IT ROCK” KEVIN RUDOLF (a one hit wonder who benefited from Lil Wayne’s rap on the song)

This song was Britney’s comeback single four years ago. In case you forgot the video, this is the video where Britney isn’t wearing too many clothes, then tries on different role-playing outfits, dances sexy and teases the helpless guys. Now in 2013 she’s attempting another comeback with “Scream and Shout” with Will.i.Am. Britney just announced that she won’t be returning to the X-Factor as a judge this year.

2. “JUST DANCE” LADY GAGA with COLBY DENIS (4 years ago, Lady Gaga’s FIRST hit, she’s planning another big 2013 concert and a follow-up to her Born This Way album)
This song went on to win the Grammy for Song Of The Year. Coldplay was popular prior to this album but their sales and international superstar status was established with this landmark CD.