70’s Soul: Cuba Gooding’s Dad & Maya Rudolph’s Mom


Cuba-Gooding-Jr.-and-DadIn the mid 60’s, a trio of Harlem friends formed a new R&B group called the Poets. After a little success, they renamed their band, The Main Ingredient, after reading it on a Coke bottle!  Following the unexpected death from Leukemia to their lead singer, Donald McPherson, the band’s backup singer took over as the group’s new lead vocalist. You may recognize his name, Cuba Gooding Sr. Yes, the father of the Oscar winning actor best known for his “Show Me The Money” line in Jerry McGuire. For the next five years, they had hits like “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely” and “Supernatural Thing”. But they’ll live forever in music history for their biggest hit, “Everybody Plays The Fool”. Cuba Sr. is still a member of the group currently popping up at reunion concerts here and there.

“LOVING YOU” Minnie Riperton

Maya-Rudolph-with-her-mom-Minnie-RipertonLove it or hate it, once you’ve heard “Loving You” you’ll never forget it. The 70’s classic features ridiculously high notes that only someone like Mariah Carey would ever attempt to emulate. Written as a lullaby for her daughter, Maya Rudolph, Minnie’s production team added in bird chirping sound effects and the soft chant of Maya’s name to enhance the soothing effect of the song. Minnie passed away much too young after her famous battle with breast cancer. Maya, best known for her multiple seasons on Saturday Night Live and her co-starring role with Kristin Wiig in the comedy, “Bridesmaids”, has since taken up the campaign for cancer awareness in honor of her mother.