80s Music Trivia – Hair Metal Bands (Volume 4)

80s Hair Metal…..that magical music era when Heavy Metal guys “borrowed” their girlfriend’s hair spray, mascara, and eyeliner and turned into instant MTV superstars by recording some of the biggest and baddest hits of the 80s.   How well do you do you know these Hair Metal bands and their biggest hits?   Let’s keep this one simple, I’ll name their SECOND or THIRD biggest hit of the decade (it’s too easy with their most famous song!) and you simply need to match up the greatest Glam Metal groups of The Eighties with their hit song.  There are 15 bands and songs to match up so grab a pen and paper.

  1.  Bon Jovi                        A.  “Alone Again”
  2.  Cinderella                     B.  “Rock The Night”
  3.  Dokken                         C.  “Bad Medicine”
  4.  Europe                          D.  “Way Cool Junior”
  5.  Great White                  E.  “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
  6.  Motley Crue                  F.  “I Wanna Rock”
  7.  Poison                           G.  “Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away”
  8.  Quiet Riot                     H.   “Youth Gone Wild”
  9.  Ratt                                I.    “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”
  10.  Skid Row                       J.   “Wait”
  11.  Tesla                             K.  “Mama We’re All Crazee Now”
  12.  Twisted Sister               L.  “Fool For Your Loving”
  13.  Warrant                         M.  “Signs”
  14.   White Lion                  N.   “Nobody’s Fool”
  15.   Whitesnake                 O.   “Fallen Angel”

This quiz might be on the easier side but if it’s popular I’ll run it again with the next wave of slightly less popular bands like Danger Danger, Kix, Steelheart, Stryper, Faster Pussycat, and Jackyl.


15 correct    =   You might be Bret Michaels?

13 to 14       =   Lighters will raised in your honor

11 to 12       =   Your 25th High School Anniversary is next week

8 to 10 right =  You got more than half right!  We call them “D” students.

7 or less       = “We’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you”

  1. C      2.N    3.A   4.B    5.I    6.G   7. O   8.K   9.D   10. H  11.M  12.F   13. E   14. J    15.L






  1. 13 out of 15. Then again, I got into Metal when the LA sound was at it’s peak. I feel a Hair Metal marathon coming on.