80s Music Trivia: “The Look” Edition

What is the “look” of the 80s?  What fashion statements made the biggest impressions from the decade?   Women’s clothes saw leg warmers, big shoulder pads, lots of neon, big hair, Spandex, and acid washed or designer Calvin Klein jeans all making a big fashion statement.   Musicians like Madonna, Michael Jackson, RUN DMC, and Boy George along with actors like Tom Cruise and Don Johnson (Miami Vice, anyone?) set the trends for the signature “look” of the decade.  Today’s 80s music trivia quiz is dedicated to songs that contained “LOOK” in the title.   Running through a list of the best songs of the decade, it is shocking how many chose the word “Look”.

“THE LOOK” 80s Music Trivia Quiz

#1  Chicago has had over fifty years in the music industry.   Their highest charting hit of all-time came in 1988 with what “look” song?    Hint:  It’s not “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” or “If You Leave Me Now”.     _____  _____

#2   John Travolta took us for a ride on a mechanical bull in his film, “Urban Cowboy”.  The soundtrack featured the chart-topping smash “Look What You’ve Done To Me” sung by:   A)  Joe Walsh   B) Boz Skaggs   C) Johnny Lee    D)Kenny Rogers    E) Daryl Hall

#3   Aerosmith kicked off their 80s comeback with the Vince Neil-inspired quote “Dude Looks Like A Lady”.   Which Aerosmith album did the song first appear?   A) Permanent Vacation   B) Pump   C) Toys In The Attic    D) Done With Mirrors


#4  The 80s U.K. Invasion was a combination of New Wave, Punk, and stylish Synth-Pop bands.   One of the biggest hits of 1982 was “The Look Of Love” from the album, Lexicon Of Love by which U.K. group that went by initials.    A)  XTC    B) OMD    C) ELO   D) UB40   E) ABC

#5  Jodi Watley became a solo star with songs like her signature hit, “Looking For A New Love” in the 80s.   Her first taste of fame wasn’t only as a member of the trio, Shalamar.   Jody was also a featured member on what TV show?   A)  Solid Gold   B) American Bandstand   C) Soul Train   D) Different Strokes   E) Good Times

#6  80s Glam Metal was no stranger to songs with “Look” in the title.   Three of the biggest songs of the decade were “Looks That Kill”, “Look What The Cat Dragged In”, “When I Look In Your Eyes”, and “Looking For Love”.   Which of these five groups did NOT record one of those four landmark metal songs?  A) Whitesnake    B) Warrant   C) Poison  D) Firehouse   E) Motley Crue

#7  U2 is currently on tour in support of the 25th Anniversary of their Joshua Tree album featuring the hit, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.   In what state is Joshua Tree National Park?    A) California    B) Colorado    C) Arizona    D) New Mexico

#8  “You Look Good To Me” was an R&B smash by what singer known for her duets with Alexander O’Neal including “Saturday Love” and “Never Knew Love Like This”?    A) Stacy Lattisaw  B) Pebbles   C) Jill Jones   D)  Cherrelle   E) Karyn White


  1.  “LOOK AWAY” was the second #1 by Chicago and their biggest selling song to date.
  2.  B – Boz Skaggs
  3.  A – Permanent Vacation which also included “Angel”
  4.  E – Martin Fry’s band was called ABC
  5.  C – Soul Train where she was a regular dancer with Jeffrey Daniel, a future member of Shalamar with Jodi
  6. B – Warrant      Motley Crue (kill), Poison (cat), Firehouse (eyes), and Whitesnake (love)
  7. A – Joshua Tree is in southern California near the Coachella Festival
  8. D– Cherrelle