80’s Version of Daft Punk: ART OF NOISE

art of noise close to editIf you ran into Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter on the street, you’d never guess who they are.   But put them in their ornate space helmets and you’re instantly recognize them as the duo known as Daft Punk.   French House music, synth-pop, funk guitars, and iconic sampling have paved the way for Daft Punk to be recognized as one of the most original bands of our time.   Yet, Daft Punk is really following in the footsteps of a 80’s avant-garde New Wave group that pioneered this sound.



Art Of Noise was a faceless group who first tried to incorporate computers into modern music.  Sampling was not being used much in 1983 and Art Of Noise’s sound was ground-breaking for the era.   Super producer, Trevor Horn (most famous for his work with the English rock band, Yes), was ahead of his time and eager to push New Wave in a new direction.


“CLOSE TO THE EDIT”    Art of Noise

Art of Noise Kiss Tom JonesDuring the 80’s, Art of Noise scored three huge Top 10 singles. You cannot think about the early days of MTV and not love their ultimate artistic video, “Close To The Edit”.   First time you watched it, you probably were confused seeing chainsaws and a power sander, Grand pianos and tubas, and a punk rock little girl all rolled into one 4 minute clip.    Their other big hits were an electronic version of the old TV show theme, Peter Gunn, and a their #1  hit, KISS, a Prince cover featuring Tom Jones on vocals.    If you’re looking for a smooth jazz masterpiece, a sensual bedroom jam, look no further than their brilliant  “Moments In Love” ten minute epic slow burner.  They even recorded a song with 80’s icon, Max Headroom, before calling it quits in 1989. But, any closet Art Of Noise fans hoping for some more music, get ready! Two band members spoke this year about a potential reunion tour in 2015.

“MOMENTS IN LOVE” Art of Noise

“KISS” Tom Jones with Art of Noise

“PETER GUNN” Art Of Noise