9/11/01: Jay-Z Releases “The Blueprint”

jay-z-the-blueprintThe day that will live in infamy, September 11, 2001. If you’re going to release a major album, you picked the wrong day to sell records and get some publicity. Mariah Carey put out her soundtrack to “Glitter” on 9/11, but I’m not sure that the disaster in NYC was the only reason the CD didn’t sell well. System of a Down’s “Toxicity” along with the eerily titled “God Hates Us” (Slayer) and “Another Perfect Day” (Motorhead) were prominent metal releases that historic day. But one CD released on 9/11 is a certified 5 star, 4 mic hip hop classic. Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” was ground-breaking, commercially successful, and critically acclaimed by rap critics as well as music historians.

jay_z_-_the_blue_print_-_bYou want radio singles: Hizo and Girls, Girls, Girls both topped the charts.  You want rough, urban, street raps:  U Don’t Know (his bio of the hustlin’ days), The Ruler’s Back, and Renegade (with Eminem) satisfied the hardcore fans.  Jay-Z snagged some vintage old-school samples for “Heart Of The City” (a Bobby Bland 70’s blues jam), “Takeover” (a Nas diss track with a sample from The Doors), and “Never Change”.   My favorite is “Song Cry”, a slow burning love song to a girl who broke Sean’s heart.    There have since been two follow-up “Blueprint” sequels but they’re something special about Volume 1.

1. The Ruler’s Back

2. Takeover

3. Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

4. Girls, Girls, Girls

5. Jigga That N***a

6. U Don’t Know

7. Hola’ Hovito

8. Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)

9. Never Change

10. Song Cry

11. All I Need

12. Renegade

13. Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)


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  2. Absolutely mind blowing blog!!! Jay-Z is da bomb!!!! My favorites are “Renegade” and “Girls, girls, girls”. This truly was so entertaining! 😀 😀 😀