Boy Band Mania: 98 Degrees, LFO, O-Town, BBMak

2012 is the return of the boy bands.   One Direction, The Wanted, and Big Time Rush have tweens going crazy.   Back in the late 90’s to the mid 00’s, N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys were battling each other on MTV’s Total Request Live Countdown show with Carson Daly.    Yet, during this “golden age of boy bands”, here are four bands you may have forgotten (that may be a good thing :))


Before Nick Lachey was on a reality show with his wife, Jessica Simpson and before Drew Lachey was winning Dancing With The Stars, 98 Degrees was the third best boy band in the country. Here’s their Latin flavored top 10 smash from their Revelation CD.

There’s some trivia, what does LFO stand for? Lyte Funky Ones, of course 🙂 Sadly, lead singer, Rich Cronin, died of leukemia at 36. Their moment in the sun was “Summer Girls”, a stream of conscience nonsense became one of Billboard’s biggest selling #1 hits of the decade. Eminem totally reinvented the lyrics on his song, Marshall Mathers. Check out some ‘incredible?” lyrics: Hip Hop Marmalade spic And span, Met you one summer and it all began. You’re the best girl that I ever did see, The great Larry Bird Jersey 33. When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet,Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets


Making The Band was another MTV Reality show where Lou Pearlman was looking to cash in on the next N’Sync. Ashley Parker Angel and Dan Miller had real talent and the Orlando formed group had a few big hits. “All or Nothing” is pop magic, Westlife and punk rockers Fake ID have both covered the song. O-Town has just reunited so look for new music next year.


I’ve been ripping on boy bands a little in this post but I’ve got to give it up for BBMak. With only two CDs produced, the English band showed so much potential but disbanded in 2002. “Back Here” and “Still On Your Side” are unbelievable pop records. “Ghost Of You” shows depth in their lyrical theme and production. Ironically, one of the members tried out for England’s XFactor show in 2007.