A Fan’s Suicide Note Moves Blink 182

Kurt Cobain Blink 182Where do you turn when life gets you down?   Most of us have family, friends, some kind of a support system in our life.   But many find solace in music and feel so connected to their favorite artists, they draw strength and inspiration from their lyrics.   A swirling internet rumor (which appears to be true) is that a young man named Adam wrote a suicide note to his parents and emailed a copy of it to Mark Hoppus from his favorite band, Blink 182 just before killing himself.  You can read the alleged lengthy suicide note here.    Inspired by the tragedy and his painful loneliness, the band penned “Adam’s Song”.   Up until this time, Blink 182 was a frat-boy pop punk band known for streaking in their music videos.  But this new found maturity showed the world, Blink 182 had some depth and the song’s powerful message resonated with new fans worldwide.

“ADAM’S SONG”    Blink 182

Since “Adam’s Song” release, the song’s intense message has taken on greater significance.  Greg Barnes, one of the survivors of the Columbine High School massacre played the song on constant repeat when he took his life in his garage in Colorado.   But Mark Hoppus has said the band has received countless messages and letters from fans who were contemplating suicide that found much needed hope from “Adam’s Song” lyrics.   Interestingly, the lyrics pay homage to Kurt Cobain’s prophetic lyrics in “Come As You Are”, as Blink 182 rewrote “I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine, I didn’t think enough.”    After their close friend’s death, DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein, in 2009, Blink 182 made the decision to retire the song from their live sets.

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