A Tribute To Bruce Lee: Dragon, Kung Fu Fighting, The Last Dragon


Bruce Lee fireBruce Lee only lived 32 years on this planet, but think of the legacy and influence he left on us.    Asians were seen differently in films after Bruce introduced the idea of a Chinese man becoming the lead actor.   Martial arts were now mainstream after Bruce’s training methods introduced an exciting, innovative, yet accessible technique to the Western population.    Bruce essentially created a new movie genre, the Kung Fu action flick, with big budget special effects replacing the cheesy out of sync movies previously on Saturday afternoon TV.     Here’s Carl Douglas’ one hit wonder extolling this exciting new trend in entertainment back in 1975.


BruceLeeThatIsAll-68190Bruce Lee inspired a generation of actors to follow in his footsteps. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Donnie Yen, even Jason Statham, continue Bruce’s legacy as the most iconic martial arts actor of all time. We can only imagine the career ahead as he was in talks to star in a James Bond film and working on network TV pilots. After releasing his masterpiece, Enter The Dragon, the best of Bruce was yet to come.  An 80’s urban movie cult classic, The Last Dragon,  plays on a young fighter’s obsession with Bruce Lee. It’s cheesy but SO much fun, Sho-Nuff, Vanity, The Glow, a perfect popcorn movie.


bruce-leeJason Scott Lee (no relation) portrayed Bruce Lee in the 1993 movie: Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story. The bio-flick captured his genius in creating new martial arts techniques, his defiant attitude in changing the status quo, a beautiful love story with his white wife despite objections from traditional parents, and his inner demons that haunted Bruce’s life.  Dragon has a lot of heart and digs deep into Bruce’s soul. Despite the tragic ending, you’re uplifted by his incredible life story.  Bruce was an actor, athlete, movie star, poet, great dad, and a true artist. Somehow, the movie found a way to somehow portray all of this in two short hours.

bruce-lee-quotesBruce’s influence on nutrition, core fitness, and holistic approaches to diet and medicine still have validity today. Had he not pursued an acting career, he would have become one of the most innovative and successful personal trainers of all-time. You can still see his image on t-shirts, commercials, and his legacy even made it to cartoons where a canine version of Bruce became one of the most beloved animated characters of our childhood. Here’s Sublime tribute to Hong Kong Fuey.