A Trio Of Sexy Hidden Treasure Songs: Toby Keith, Foreigner,


One of the sexiest country songs ever!  From Toby’s 2009 CD, “That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy”, the last song on the album is full of sexual innuendo and passion. I love the rock guitar solo prior to the last chorus.  Great visual lyrics:  Come on baby lay back down You don’t have to leave right now Anything you got downtown can wait I love those high heeled shoes Everything looks good on you You make it look brand new everyday Chorus: I got it, in a bad way I wanna kiss your sweet face And lay like this forever I need you to need me Complete my world I got it for you, girl Baby, I can hear your breath Whisper softly on my chest I can feel your sweat all over me Sheets stuck to your skin Give me that ‘want to’ grin Baby, I ‘want to’ again


From the landmark LP, Foreigner 4, comes this often overlooked gem.   Look past the big hits: “Urgent”, “Juke Box Hero”, “Waiting For A Girl Like You”…..there’s track 4:  “Girl On The Moon”.  You’ll find yourself in a trance as takes your mind drifting to the past, visions of ecstacy, the start of new love, and memories that will never die. “Girl On The Moon” has a mesmerizing slow groove. Somehow they even make a keyboard solo sound sexy!


The King Of Freestyle and the Miami dance scene in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Stevie B was known for his uptempo party anthems.  He changed his image with “In My Eyes” one of his first blends of slow jam R&B lyrics with a soft bouncy beat.    This was released in 1988 and filled club dance floors with partygoers looking for something more intimate.