AC/DC “Play Ball” & Lorde’s Hunger Games Song


ACDC Rock or BustFor forty years, AC/DC has essentially took the exact same formula (Rinse, Wash, Repeat) and turned their band into one of the Top 10 selling musical artists ever, a Hall of Fame worthy career built on two simple strategies.    Pick any AC/DC classic and you’re going to hear one of those Angus Young signature guitar riffs that could be no other band.    Add in those sexual metaphor lyrics that sound like a horny middle schooler penned for laughs.    Album after album, hit song after hit song, AC/DC hasn’t deviated from their strengths.  While many artists choose to re-invent themselves every few years, AC/DC knows what they do well and have simply managed to master their craft.    “Play Ball” is their latest single from their upcoming CD “Rock or Bust”.  Set against a green screen, the music video combines sexy women, sports, Angus’s guitar solo, and a vintage 70’s vibe taking us back to their early days.


Lorde Hunger Games MockingjayA recent episode of Comedy Central’s South Park lampooned Lorde and her music. Some new artists would take this personal and fire back a social media response. How did Lorde handle it? She loved it! Lorde’s wise beyond her years and appreciates the amazing way her career has taken off in the last couple years. After her hit “Royals”, Lorde became the first female to top the Alternative Rock charts in almost 20 years. Lorde continues to release incredible music. This time it’s a new single “Yellow Flicker Beat” from the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1). Lorde wrote the song with Katniss Everdeen in mind but the moody electropop groove and the funky vibe would work as a great song even without the movie tie-in. Not sure about Lorde’s dance moves here, kind of reminds me of Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Seinfeld.