AC/DC – Their Top 3 Underrated Songs

“SOUL STRIPPER”  from High Voltage

From their 1975 debut album, “Soul Stripper” is a chugging along rocker than just never quits.  Angus and Malcolm Young are solely credited on the album for this one and it’s loaded with another signature AC/DC guitar riff.  The seductive tale of a woman using her wiles on a mesmerized man under an apple tree conjures up images of Adam and Eve.  This one deserved to be a Classic Rock staple, check out that dueling lightning quick guitar solo at the 4:20 mark.


“SIN CITY” from Powerage

Just before AC/DC one-two punch with their blockbuster albums, Highway To Hell and Back In Black, came Powerage.   It was actually the lowest selling album during Bon Scott’s reign.  Criminally underrated album that if it was released between the two albums would have been best seller.  The album’s killer track, “Sin City” has everything you’d want in an AC/DC classic.   Attitude, an Angus Young riff for the ages, and a vintage breakdown at 2:40 where they take it down and dirty.

“SHOT OF LOVE”  from The Razor’s Edge

The Brian Johnson years may not live up completely to the Bon Scott era but it’s hard to think of too many bands who kept their superstar status after a lead singer change.   On their 90s release “The Razor’s Edge”, the band put out their signature hits “Thunderstruck” and “Money Talks” but I’d rank “Shot Of Love” as the second best track on the album and one of the strongest cuts on any of Brian’s albums.