Across The Universe Soundtrack: Black Tide,Candlebox, Jim Sturgess


A Spanish Miami-based metal band who first performed on the Ozzfest tour when they were all underage, I can only imagine how crazy that must have been for these teenagers!   Last year they opened for Iron Maiden.  This song got criticized for “selling out” and not being as metal as their previous work but it’s still a hard-rocking track complete with a groom being set on fire at the end of the video! 


This is the five minute shortened version of a song originally 9 minutes long!   Candlebox hit it big in the 90’s with essential hits like “Far Between” and “You”.   They dropped off the scene for ten years but came back with an amazing CD, Into The Sun, in 2008.   “Breathe Me In” will suck you in with its romantic lyrics and killer classic guitar riffs.


From the movie, Across The Universe, Jim Sturgess’ version of “All My Loving” captures the charm of Lennon/McCartney complete with Cockney accents and English charm.    The movie is a must-watch “musical” making the Beatles catalog come to life with a story that intertwines their songs with a love story for the ages.