Adele 25: Top 5 Songs (including 2 surprises!)

rsz_adele-25-coverIt has begun.  If you haven’t been caught up in the 2015 version of the Adele hype, get ready it’s coming!   “Hello” has broken all-time records (move over Taylor Swift).   Her dynamic appearance on Saturday Night Live was just a preview of her upcoming NBC concert special in two weeks.  Her last album, 21, went Diamond Status, which means it sold an unheard of 10,000,000+ copies in today’s day of digital downloads.  Adele Laurie Blue Adams is back with her third album, 25, and at first listen it’s everything we hoped it would be.  Intense, emotional, deeply personal, and vocals on point, let’s countdown the top 5 tracks:

Honorable Mention:  “Remedy” co-written by Ryan Tedder and “Send Her My Love” – an upbeat kiss off track produced by Max Martin.

5.  “LAY ME DOWN”      One of the three bonus tracks found on the Target-exclusive version of 25.   The sound of a church organ and Adele’s soulful voice here brings back memories of vintage 70’s Aretha Franklin.

4.  “WHY DO YOU LOVE ME”    What’s going on here, two tracks both from the Target-exclusive CD?   Maybe it doesn’t pack the same power as “Rolling In The Deep” but easily one of my favorite upbeat tracks on the album.   Once again, Adele goes retro with a little 60’s girl group influence popping up here.

3.  “HELLO”    Probably the obvious choice for #1 and the reason why it was the lead single, breathtaking vocals, huge crescendos, and visual lyrics that perfectly describe both sides of the dumped/dumpee relationship.

2.  “WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE”   High energy track guaranteed to go #1.   Breakup songs never sound this much fun.  She knows he’s probably not good for her but she can’t let go.   Look out for a number of dance remixes for this one!

1   “WHEN WE WERE YOUNG”   On Adele 21, Adele was hurt and wanted to move on with her life, now four years later she looks back at her past and wants time to slow down.   She takes us to church with a powerful anthem for the ages.