Adele’s new 007 Song, Nas Pays Tribute To Amy Winehouse, Jake Owen’s new EP, and Walk The Moon

“Hold Your Breath and Count To Ten”…..Adele’s back with the theme song to the latest James Bond motion picture. When it comes to the dramatic orchestral themes of the 007 movie series, you need a voice that can hold their own to the epic musical productions. Think about McCartney’s “Live And Let Die“, Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better“, and Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever“, BIG songs with an unforgettable dramatic chorus. Adele’s “Skyfall” is a musical treat, it reminds me of the intensity of Tina Turner’s “Goldeneye“. If the new Daniel Craig film lives up this theme song, the new 007 movie will be a blockbuster this winter!

Jake Owen is headlining “CMT On Tour” this fall, with Love & Theft and Florida Georgia Line. What an exciting combination of three of the hottest country artists of the moment! Stealing a page from Luke Bryan’s book of success, Jake is also releasing an EP of summer party songs just in time for winter. What? Despite the unusual timing for the Spring Break jams, you’ll love this new song. The lyrics nail it, “it’s so damn easy to sing along, I don’t need a guitar or a band, baby, you’re my summer jam!” Look for a cover of Ben Harper’s Steal My Kisses also featured on the EP.

Anna Sun” hit #10 this summer on the Rock/Alternative charts for the new band, Walk The Rope. They’re back with “Tightrope“, a totally contagious pop anthem that reminds me of GroupLove’s “Tongue Tied“. To make a little sense out of the video, Walk The Rope painted their faces on stage at the Bonnaroo music festival and now it’s become their “live tradition”. The video lets you relive the experience first-hand.

A hologram of Amy is seen at the beginning of Nas’ new video. Her smoky bar vocals play over the hip hop beats as a look-alike struts through the bar where Nas is tending bar. The blending of old school rap and Amy’s jazzy vocals creates a unique listening experience. Unlike a lot of current rap songs that sound cookie-cutter, you’ve got to love how Nas is still taking chances and respecting the intelligence of the fans by creating a deep lyrical tribute to the late Ms Winehouse.