Aerial Arts Takes Off In Music

GUEST POST by Barrie Michaels, certified trainer and owner of VertiFit  (post edited by Mike Pease)

pink-grammys-performance-TryIn 2009, Pink amazed her fans when she literally flew off the stage each night while performing her single “Glitter In The Air”.   While clutching a suspended piece of fabric, Pink twirled and did acrobatic stunts while singing her latest hit.   Aerial athletics is one of the fastest growing fitness trends and, as with any innovative niche, music performers are often the first to embrace the exhilaration – especially when it’s as visually appealing as it is artistic!  Pink continued her aerial performance for “Try” at the 2014 Grammys.    Since then, Motley Crue has featured high flying aerialists on their tour, Pharrell has added beautiful aerial dancers in his “Gust of Wind” video, and even actress Charlize Theron dazzles on the silks in a new Christian Dior commercial.

michael_jackson_one_aerialThe growing popularity can be attributed to the awe-inspiring Cirque Du Soleil performances; with 18 shows worldwide, 8 of which are home to Las Vegas.   Artists ranging from the Beatles featured in the psychedelic “LOVE” show to the magical performance of some of Michael Jackson’s most spectacular songs in his “ONE” extravaganza.   The merging of incredible music with awe-inspiring visual acrobatics has pushed the boundaries of live music entertainment.

“GUST OF WIND” Pharrell Williams

VertiFit Ed KelleyAerial arts keep things interesting with different apparatus to explore including aerial yoga, silks, hammock, lyra, Spanish web, trapeze, and more.   Not only is it enormous fun, it does provide many health benefits as well as a full body workout.  Great for all ages – even the spry Mayor Kelley (father of Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley) gave it a try at this year’s Mayor’s Fitness Challenge.  Check your local listings for aerial fitness classes offered in your area.  As Peter Pan would attest – you’re never too old to learn how to Fly!


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