AIC’s “Them Bones” vs. GNR’s “Dust N Bones”


alice_in_chains_them_bonesBeavis and Butthead described it as the “coolest video I’ve ever seen!” Alice In Chains go on the attack for an intense hard rock assault in “Them Bones”. Tracking in under two and a half minutes, the ultimate Grunge song has Layne Staley pondering life after death over a blistering Jerry Cantrell guitar solo. “Them Bones” questions mortality and what becomes of our mind and actual bodies after death. describes the song as “a brief, tightly wound explosion of sheer, inescapable riff power, focused and relentless”. Guitar aficionados usually cite this Alice In Chains song from their landmark “Dirt” CD as evidence of Cantrell’s brilliance.




Izzy Stradlin 1988When you picture Guns ‘N’ Roses, Axl Rose and Slash come to mind first, but their down and dirty image was best epitomized by rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin. Izzy co-founded the band and probably became the poster child of their decadent Sunset Strip lifestyle. His heroin addiction, public urination on an airplane, and countless drunken fistfights only added to GNR’s image. Yet behind it all, Izzy is an incredible guitarist and raw vocalist who sang lead on a few of their classic tracks. “14 Years” and “Dust N Bones” were both featured on Use Your Illusion Volume 1. The latter is a gritty album track that was never released as a single but became a fan favorite as Izzy and Axl share vocals.   A Guns N’ Roses tribute band took on the name “Dust N Bones” in honor the song.