Air Supply Celebrates 40 Years Of Soft Rock

Air-Supplys-Debut-AlbumIn 1980, rock music was going through a major transition.  Ozzy was kicked out of Black Sabbath, Bon Scott of AC/DC dies, even Punk Rock was being replaced by Britain’s quirkier New Wave and softer Synth-Pop sound.  It was the perfect time for the 70’s Soft Rock style to make a mega-comeback.  Leading the way was an Australian duo, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell and their band, Air Supply, scoring EIGHT Top 10 hits in the early 80’s.   Air Supply was never “cool” or “flashy”, their dated music videos in bright pink shirts buttoned way too low are so cheesy you wonder if it’s a joke? But make no mistake, their romantic love songs battled songs like Journey’s “Open Arms” and Foreigner’s “Waiting For A Girl Like You” as the essential slow dance favorite for high school proms.    Surprisingly, the band’s greatest success wasn’t in their native Australia or even the U.K., but rather in the States where they even became TV superstars hosting the biggest music countdown show of the era, Solid Gold, when Russell and Graham co-hosted the show on multiple episodes.

“ALL OUT OF LOVE” Air Supply


air-supply-40th-anniversaryWhatever happened to Air Supply?   It’s easy to pick on a band who made no mistake emphasizing the LOVE in their lyrics with four of their biggest hits utilizing the word:  “All Out Of Love”, “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All”, “The One That You Love”, and “Lost In Love.” Even Saturday Night Live used to run a famous sketch lampooning their effeminate look with a running skit between Wil Ferrell and Chris Kattan, but Air Supply got the final laugh with a career that has endured the test of time.   Believe it or not, they’re still going strong and last year celebrated their 40th Anniversary.  Featuring voices that haven’t deteriorated over all of the years touring the band has gained a new generation of fans singing the hits and underrated gems like the orchestral hit “Sweet Dreams”. It’s virtually impossible to not reminisce and sing along.    Last September, an Air Supply dance song titled “I Want You” actually cracked the Billboard Top 40 DANCE charts.   Let’s take a look back at some of the band’s career highlights: