Easy Come, Easy Go: Jason Aldean, Winger, Angel City


Night Train is the latest CD from the reigning king of the country/rock hybrid that is dominating the charts today. “Wheels Turnin‘” is one of those songs that gets your mind drifting about memories of days gone. It’s tells a life on the road story that recalls Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page“. This live version of the song from Letterman rocks harder than the album version.


YouTube wouldn’t let me embed “Can’t Get Enuff” but I think I remember Beavis & Butthead commenting about Kip Winger’s teeth being “whiter than white” in that video. There is a good argument about which decade gave us the best music. But there is something about 80’s rock with the decadent hair metal bands and the unique spirit of the New Wave bands that holds a special place in my heart. All of Winger’s hits: Seventeen, Miles Away, Easy Come Easy Go, and Can’t Get Enuff, had that youthful energy, sexual energy, and a sing-along chorus that didn’t change the world but always made the day a little more fun.


Two Dutch DJ’s, a British female lead singer, and one of the most memorable samples of an American R&B band, come together for “Love Me Right”. Angel City is a studio created band that gained fame for their dance covers of popular songs like “Touch Me” by Cathy Dennis. Lara McAllen started off as a backup dancer for Shakira before fronting Angel City. She’s been featured in Maxim UK and Loaded. The sample is from “Oh Sheila” by Ready For The World.