Alt-Rock Covers: U2 with Green Day, The Afghan Whigs, Tori Amos


u2 and green dayHurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the surrounding communities. Relief efforts moved slowly but it’s now been seven years and the city has started regaining her Southern charm, Cajun mystique, and will be the home for Super Bowl XLVII next week. Back in 2006, they reopened the restored Super Dome for a Monday Night Football game between the Saints and the Atlanta Falcons. Green Day and U2 performed a cover of the Shin’s “The Saints Are Coming” to kickoff the game and trigger the charity single. The lyrics about rising waters and crying out for help perfectly coincided with the hurricane and the recovery theme.


Tori-tori-amos-71335_1024_768Tori Amos’ career is a study of an artist who refused to compromise.  She almost intentionally sabotaged any commercial success in lieu of maintaining her creative integrity.    A classically trained pianist with an outrageous mezzo-soprano vocal range, Tori’s songs were highly intense and deeply personal.   I can’t say I’m a fan of her style but the way she spins Bruce Springsteen’s classic “I’m On Fire” oozes out each emotion and ups the sexuality and it’s a breathtaking reinterpretation.


“CREEP”   (TLC cover)       THE AFGHAN WHIGS

afghanThe Afghan Whigs had ardent fans and were critic darlings during their 15 year career.    But they never found that one big commercial hit to breakthrough big time.  Perhaps it was timing, they were signed to the Sub Pop label at the same time as Nirvana, both bands had that Seattle Grunge sound, who do you think the label rightfully promoted more?    My favorite songs by the alt-rock band are their creative covers.   Here’s their version of one of TLC’s biggest hits.

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  1. You nailed it again!!! I’ve been listening to U2 (their 80’s songs) and Tori Amos this week. I love the cover songs they did.. pretty amazing!! My favorite was “Creep” Afgan Whigs.. that was totally freaking badass!!!!!