Amy Lee of Evanescence: Sex Doesn’t Have To Sell Records


Amy LeeIn 2011, Revolver Magazine voted Amy Lee the #1 “hottest chick in rock and roll”.    Her stage image is striking with Gothic undertones, Victorian-styled outfits, and her long black dyed hair.   Add in her mesmerizing eyes (she’s been known to wear blue contacts to mix it up) and Amy’s presence is unmistakeable.   Yet, Amy has vehemently avoided simply  using sexuality to market and sell her image over her musical integrity.    Amy is a classically trained pianist with a one of a kind voice that lets her intense lyrics do the talking.   Here’s an incredible video documenting Evanescence’s disdain for the fake bands and shallow women who sell their visual image over their music.

amy lee seetherWhen this song was released, Amy was dating Shaun Morgan, the lead singer of Seether. The song was first recorded as a Seether song with no backing vocals. Then “Broken” was re-released as a duet complete with rock guitars, violins, and string section. Adding in Amy’s counterbalance to the lyrics was a musical stroke of genius. The chilling power ballad went straight to the top of the Mainstream Rock Charts and was even used in the movie, The Punisher.  They are no longer dating and Amy has gotten married since then but the song is the crowning gem in Seether’s playlist.

“FREAK ON A LEASH (unplugged)” KORN with AMY LEE
amy-lee-korn-unplugged--large-msg-119333521599When a band goes acoustic and plays the biggest hit in their catalog, you are hoping for a different twist on your favorite song. Jonathan Davis of Korn loves taking musical risks and for MTV’s return of the Unplugged series, he reinvented their smash, Freak On A Leash. Amy Lee joins the band adding a haunting female perspective that works perfectly against Korn’s slowed down tempo. Where the original electric version goes loud in certain parts, the acoustic cover goes soft in those key moments. It’s a brilliant musical decision and a highlight of the MTV live set.