Anastacia Battling Cancer for the 2nd Time

Anastacia-aToday’s spotlight artist, Anastacia, has been named “the little artist with the big voice”. The Carmen Electra look-alike in her signature glasses has never achieved the massive success in the States that she deserves. Yet, worldwide Anastacia is a perennial multi-platinum selling superstar that crosses multiple musical genres including dance, rock, pop, and soul. The double edged sword of celebrity is that your personal life becomes a fascination with the public.



anastaciaWhen Anastacia was a teenager she was in a wheelchair over complications with Crohn’s Disease. Then, in 2003, Anastacia went for breast reduction surgery and discovered a lump which turned out to be cancerous. Successful radiation treatment saved her life but the procedure damaged her vocal cords. Ever the fighter, Anastacia came back stronger with a highly personal and motivational self-titled hit album. She started the Anastacia Fund to promote cancer awareness in young girls.

anastacia-2Sadly, while working on her latest CD, Anastacia is once again battling breast cancer for a second time. Her worldwide tour has been cancelled, but Anastacia has stated that she’s using the personal situation to inspire her as she’s writing new material while going through treatment. Anastacia has always been a hero, survivor, and a role model of positivity when life hits you hard. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and a quick recovery.




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