Angry Alt-Rock White Women: Cat Power, Beth Hart, Ani DiFranco


Chan Marshall is her given name but Cat Power is her rock and roll alias.   Two dynamic cd’s of her favorite cover songs have made the biggest impact on alt-rock.   Cat takes on American classics from Hank Williams, Joni Mitchell, James Brown, and even Bob Dylan on her “Jukebox” CD in 2008.   Her take on the Dylan song “I Believe In You” cranks up the intensity, the feminine power, and the urgency of the need to put your faith in someone.   You may remember that Bob released this song on his Christian themed album, “Slow Train Coming”, love the interpretation that Cat Power brings to the cherished rock anthem.


Get ready for the goosebumps!  Beth Hart has a voice that rips into your soul and begs for your full attention. An underrated blues rock album released in 2012 was her collaboration with Joe Bonamassa. Their cover of Aretha’s “Ain’t No Way” and the Etta James R&B nugget, “I’d Rather Go Blind” are evidence that the blues is alive and well. Her new CD, “Bang Bang Boom Boom” hasn’t sold well but Beth is an artist that deserves your attention. Here’s a powerhouse live version of a song from her “A Woman With A Rock And Roll Soul” compilation album.


Ani is an artist that is hard to label.  She’s alternative yet folk.  She’s not afraid to take chances and speak out about issues including racism and her bisexuality.  Her signature staccato guitar picking style is as unique as her look.  Ani’s worked with artists as diverse as Prince (I Love U But I Don’t Trust You) and challenges her listeners with intellectual literary metaphors and deeply emotional thoughts.  “Not A Pretty Girl” came off her 6th album in 1997.  The single “Shy” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance