Appetite For Destruction: GNR’s Deeper Cuts

They push me in a corner just to get me to fight but
They won’t touch me
They preach and yell and fight all night
You can’t tell me

I lose my head, I close my eyes
They won’t touch me
‘Cause I got somethin’ I’ve been buildin’ up inside
I’m already gone

“OUT TA GET ME” Guns ‘N Roses

Guns-N-Roses-ParadiseAppetite For Destruction is not only arguably the greatest rock and roll debut album of all-time, it may be the most influential debut album of any genre. Not only did the band sell over 30 million copies of Appetite, it remains Guns ‘N Roses greatest legacy. The punk rock energy, the blues guitar riffs, mixed with the hedonistic sex and drugs attitude of the Glam Metal scene assaulted rock radio. Bands like Warrant, Poison, and Winger looked soft and weak in comparison as GNR put a dagger into the hair metal scene. The big singles “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City” got massive airplay but the deeper album cuts were even more radical and personal.

Appetitefordestruction_alternative cover“Out Ta Get Me” recalled Axl Rose’s life back in Indiana before he headed to the L.A. Sunset Strip. Axl pulled no punches as he screamed “they won’t catch me” to the law enforcement constantly on his back. In an era when AIDS awareness and cautiousness was taking over the nation’s mentality, GNR fired back with “Mr Brownstone”, an dark and evil recanting of the band’s experience with heroin. The explicit lyrics of “You’re F**king Crazy” were not the reason for the Parental Advisory label, the original album cover (pictured here) was much too graphic for record shops.

I used ta do a little
but a little wouldn’t do
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryin’
ta get a little better


Axl_Rose_AppetiteIn a previous post, “Rocket Queen” was described as the greatest Guns ‘N Roses song never released as a single. Slash’s guitar solo, the multiple tempo changes, the pornographic sex sample, and the dramatic and hopeful coda that ends the album is one of the band’s lost treasures. As amazing as Appetite For Destruction was it could have been even more spectacular as “November Rain” was written and ready to be added to the mix but the band felt that two ballads on the record wouldn’t work.

“ROCKET QUEEN” Guns ‘N Roses