April 23rd, 1994: A Day I’ll Never Forget: Kenny Rogers, Tesla, R. Kelly


The power of a 3 minute song is undeniable.    Hearing the opening few notes here takes me back twenty years to a moment that changed my life forever.   No regrets, youthful innocence, true love, and eternal dreams.  This will ALWAYS be my favorite Kenny Rogers song and a memory that will forever bring a smile to my face.
AUDIO LINK for Kenny Rogers: There-Lies-The-Difference 


A classical guitar introduction paves the way to one of the grandest power ballads of the Hair Band Era.   Jeff Keith nailed the vocals on this song and the buildup to the chorus is dramatic, lighters filled arenas during this one!   “Love is all around you, Love is knocking outside your door, waiting for you, this love made just for two, Keep An Open Heart and You’ll Find Love Again, I KNOW!”  

“BUMP & GRIND (Remix)”   R. KELLY

New Jack Swing, soulful R&B, retro laidback soul, club bangers, it doesn’t get better than R. Kelly’s 1994 masterpiece, “12 Play”.    This cassette was wore out by me on a roadtrip to Key West, FL.    This was R. Kelly’s breakthrough and it’s an incredible introduction to his musical creativity and genius.    “12 Play” is sexually charged, intense slow jams that will “rock your world” and classic 90’s hip hop that might sound a little dated today but for those who remember those days, this was the JAM!  1994, what a great memory!!