Armada Latina: Latin Hip Hop Mixed with Classic Rock

Cypress Hill Crosby Stills NashWhat do you get if you mix a Crosby, Stills, and Nash Classic Rock hit from the 70’s with a double shot of modern and throwback Latin hip hop and then spice it all up with the soulful voice of Marc Anthony? “Armada Latina” became a Cuban Pride national anthem after being released as the fourth single from Cypress Hill’s 2010 CD, Rise Up. Opening with the familiar sounds of Steven Stills guitar riff from “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”, the song takes us on a musical journey back to the Cuban roots of 90’s rappers, Cypress Hill. The Reyes brother immigrated to the US from Cuba in 1971 and brought Latin Rap to the forefront in the 90’s.  They pay tribute to their heritage by bringing it all full circle adding modern day Cuban rapper, Pitbull, to the final mix. Although it looks like Marc Anthony (Puerto Rican) in the music video, they used a body double here but Marc’s vocals soar in the actual chorus.