Avril Lavigne Engaged To Chad Kroeger: Sum 41, Nickelback


Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Sum 41, proposed to Avril Lavigne in 2003.  If you picked up any entertainment magazine then, they were THE hot rocker couple.  Avril, at first dreamed up a “”rock n’ roll, goth, bondage, wedding” complete with a black wedding dress.   But they kept it traditional.   Sadly after a five year run, they divorced in 2009.   Both artists have discussed the relationship with very personal lyrics on the last Sum 41 and Lavigne CD’s.  Here’s a favorite Sum 41 song from the Chuck album when they were much in love, “suddenly I don’t feel so insecure anymore”.    LOVE this creative video!   Watch for the dog’s cameo and his “special” contribution to the video.


Avril is back in the headlines after Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback, proposed to her this month.  They’re looking at a 2013 wedding date. What is about Canadian rock stars and Avril?   With lyrics like “Everyday you go away, it kind of makes my day”, you might guess it’s from a recent CD but actually it was a bonus track on her 2002 Let Go CD, her biggest seller with “I’m With You”, “Sk8r Boi”, and “Complicated”.


Nickelback is one of the those bands that critics love to hate, they’re the punch lines to jokes, yet everyone who’s seen them in concert (including me) know what a great show they put on.   It’s hit after hit, crowd interaction, arena anthems, and all the special effects bang-for-your-buck they can afford.   “Animals” with its sexual innuendos and sly hook has always been a song you can’t help but turn up the radio and sing along with Nickelback.  Here’s a live performance at Bike Week in Sturgis, North Dakota.




  1. I was planning to put the Sum 41 song already but when I heard about Avril’s engagement, it made for a perfect grouping. The NSYNC dolls, too funny!

  2. Without a doubt my favorite is Sum 41 “Hell Song” I loved everything about that song including the video was hysterically funny!! The NSYNC dolls were sooo funny!! along with all the other singer dolls they included. The dog’s contribution was priceless! 😉 Avril and Nickleback were pretty cool too! Thanks Mike!! Really enjoyed this!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀