Avril Lavigne’s Sexiest Song Ever


avril-lavigne-give-you-what-you-likeWhen you think Avril Lavigne, you picture the Sk8rboi video, the pop punk energy of “Girlfriend”, and the teen-angst of “Complicated”.    But that was years ago, Avril is now a 30 year old woman, married to Chad Kroeger, and taking her music to a new level of maturity.   After taking a break from music for undisclosed medical reasons, Avril finally released a music video for “Give You What You Like” almost a year after the song was scheduled to be her next single.  It debuted at #19 on the Billboard Charts.  The sultry, sexually charged video featured Avril on the floor in a candlelit room dressed in all-black.   As one YouTube poster commented this song sounds like it belongs on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.  The music video interlaces scenes from a Lifetime Network movie called “Babysitters Black Book” about an escort service conceived by enterprising babysisters.  The movie comes out February 21st.


Dirtyvegas_save_a_prayerIf your first thought when hearing this title is this a cover of Duran Duran’s big hit? Yes, it is! The seductive 80’s anthem gets an EDM makeover that injects new life into a 30 year old song. The tone of the Duran Duran song is still there and those familiar lyrics will bring back instant memories but the singer can’t touch Simon Le Bon’s vocals. It’s a fun cover and should be one of the highlights on Dirty Vegas’ new CD scheduled for release later this year.