Back To The Future 30 Years Later

back_to_the_future_anniversaryJuly 3rd, 1985, a new Sci-fi/Comedy blockbuster called Back To The Future captured our hearts and imagination at the movie theater.    Marty McFly and his Delorean time machine marks its 30th Anniversary this month.    While filming his TV series, Family Ties, Michael J. Fox replaced Eric Stoltz as the lead in the Robert Zemekis film and before the summer ended Back To The Future became the highest grossing film of the year in 1985.    Who can forget the scenes when Marty meets his parents when they’re in high school?  “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that, but your kids are going to love this!”, the flux capacitor, and Doc Brown’s “Great Scott!”     Back To The Future was chosen one of the Top 100 Films of the 20th Century by the American Film Institute and it spawned two sequels, video games, and a cartoon series.

“POWER OF LOVE”  Huey Lewis and the News

1-Back-to-the-Future-30th-AnniversaryMovie Trivia: Do you remember to what year Marty and Doc travel in the sequel?   2015!!   The movie predicted we’d have smart phones, handheld video games, video conferencing, and giant TV screens mounted in our living rooms.   We’re still waiting for those hoverboards, flying cars run on compost and our first female President, but the movie goes back to October 2015 so there is still time left!     The original Back To The Future showcased that magical time in the 50’s when rock and roll was first born.  Remember Marty McFly’s version of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” that snuck in a little Jimi Hendrix at the end?    Enjoy!

“JOHNNY B GOODE”   Marty McFly

back to the future reunionA new country band called Old Dominion joins together a collection of Nashville songwriters taking a shot at the big time as their own band.  Old Dominion’s first single “Break Up With Him” takes us back to the 80’s with a hysterical tribute to that original Back To The Future “Enchantment Under The Sea” high school dance.    It’s from their self-titled EP and the video is awesome!