BAD SINGERS/GOOD SONGS: Lisa Marie Presley, Justin Guarini, Ashlee Simpson


Lisa_Marie_Presley_Al_Now_WhatLisa Marie Presley is best known for her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, her striking resemblance to her father, and her Scientology faith. But Lisa has released three studio albums including Storm & Grace last summer. On her second CD, Now What, Lisa Marie teamed up with Linda Perry from the 90’s band, Four Non-Blondes, to record a tribute to her mother, Priscilla Presley. Her vocals are raw on “Raven” but Lisa Marie’s message to her mom rings loud and clear.



Justin GuariniIt’s been called the worst movie of all-time. From Justin To Kelly was a quick cash-in movie from the producers of American Idol. The film starred the winner, Kelly Clarkson, and runner-up, Justin Guarini. They were cast as the new Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, the king and queen of the beach. The movie flopped, Justin’s solo CD was pronounced DOA on release, and his recording career ended as quick as it began. He’s starred on Broadway in multiple plays but he did release one killer sexy R&B slow jam, Doin’ Things We’re Not Supposed To. The video is NSFW.

Ashlee-Simpson-03Who can ever forget Ashlee Simpson’s infamous debut performance on Saturday Night Live? While Ashlee was set to sing Autobiography, her vocals for her first song, Pieces Of Me, started playing before Ashlee had the microphone to her mouth. Caught lipsyncing, Ashlee broke into a little jig and then exited stage left. She described the situation, “I made a fool out of myself”. The controversy essentially ended her recording career. But on her debut CD, there is a powerful, introspective, incredible song called Undiscovered that hinted at a real potential for Ashlee’s musical career.