Banned on MTV – Rare INXS Videos!

When you think about MTV banning your music video for sex, violence, or extreme images you probably think about artists like Marilyn Manson, The 2 Live Crew, or Madonna trying to push the limits too far again.  But one of MTV’s favorite bands, the Australian rockers INXS had TWO music videos that MTV first restricted to late night viewing and later outright banned from their network.    “Taste It” was the fourth single from their 1992 album, “Welcome To Wherever You Are”.   The overtly sexual music video showed lead singer, Michael Hutchence, dabbling in some kinky bondage.   Knowing that he was later to die by self-asphyxiation the clip was simply too much for MTV and only reached #36 on the Singles chart.   I’m guessing with a more tame video, the song would have been a huge hit.

“TASTE IT”  – INXS (Banned Director’s Cut)

INXS continued to press their luck in 1993 with “The Gift” from their Full Moon, Dirty Hearts album.    For the second time in just two years, MTV declared that INXS has crossed a line and they were pulling the plug on their music video.  This time around it wasn’t because of sex, but due to images of “gross human suffering”.    Scenes from the Holocaust, the Gulf War, African famine, and global terrorism were deemed to be just too extreme for the MTV audience.

“THE GIFT”  – INXS  (Banned on MTV)