Beatles Trivia: Can You Go 4 for 4?

The Beatles Never Trust














Beatles Trivia:  Can you go 4 for 4?   Answers are below.

1.  Which Beatles song featured Mick Jagger and Keith Moon backing the band on the chorus?

2.  Which Beatles song was the b-side of the single Help! and later covered by Aerosmith?

3.  “Sexy Sadie” on the Beatles’ White Album was John Lennon’s way at getting back at which famous person?

4.  The Beatles song “I’m Looking Through You” was prominently used for years in the 80’s on what American TV show to showcase the celebrity birthdays of the day?











1.  “All You Need Is Love” – John Lennon was always fascinated by the power of slogans to change the world.   When the Beatles performed the song live on the BBC in 1967, Mick, Keith, Eric Clapton, and Marianne Faithfull all showed up holding balloons, waving signs, and singing along with the Fab Four.


2.  I’m Down – Paul’s attempt at writing a Little Richard song.

3.  The song was inspired by bitterness against the Maharishi in India.   John felt tricked, fooled, and manipulated by the guru and knew he couldn’t directly slander him for fear of a libel suit.  The fact that a cheating female is the lead character of the song let the song get released.

4.  In the 1980’s, Entertainment Tonight with Mary Hart (remember those million dollar legs?) used the classic song from Rubber Soul.