Beautiful Emotional Baggage: The Fray, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sinead O’Connor with Shane MacGowan


heartlessThe Fray are a soft-rock alternative band in the style of Coldplay. The Fray are comfortable with piano ballads and inspirational songs like “Over My Head” and “How To Save A Life”. Then in 2009, in a creative spark of genius, they reinvented Kanye West’s electro-rap single, “Heartless”. Removing the synthesizer beats and drum tracks and replacing them with guitars and slowed down vocals, the song’s true emotional meaning soars. The video is a simple yet beautiful reminder of a love lost and the feelings that reach deep into your soul.


30-seconds-to-mars-hurricane_320“Tell me would you kill to save a life, tell me would you kill to prove you’re right”. Jared Leto’s emotional angst on “Hurricane” forces you to question your motives and how you handle stress and abuse. The softening vocals of Kanye West, on the chorus, eases the emotional assualt but then Jared comes back harder, “Do you really want? Do you really want me? Do you really want me dead? Or alive to torture for my sins?” It’s a powerful song and their unplugged version is equally as spine-chilling. The original video is a mini-motion picture clocking in at almost 20 minutes. Here’s the edited 13 minute version.


sineadLost classic video!! The song was originally written for the motion picture, Sid and Nancy. The Romeo and Juliet tragedy mixed with the original rock love affair between Sid Vicious and Nancy. The soft image of Sinead with hair mixed with Shane’s rough Irish voice further emphasizes the storyline. Check out these lyrics:
The first time I saw you
Standing in the street
You were so cool you could have
Put out Vietnam
All the girls say “Whats he like?”
I said “He’s kind of shy
But that’s the kind of girl I am,
He’s my kind of guy”