Before the beef, did Tupac and Biggie record together?

biggietupacSeptember 13, 1996  and March 9, 1997 – two dates that will forever live in music infamy – The East Coast/West Coast feud and the subsequent deaths of two of the greatest and influential MC’s of all-time.   Both Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.’s deaths remain unsolved murder mysteries by unknown assailants.  How in this day of Hi Tech C.S.I. investigations these high profile murders are still open cases is outrageous! But back in the day, Tupac and Christopher were actually friends in New York City.   Did they ever record any tracks together?   Likely there are a few archived songs that have never been released.  But there are two songs that came out years after 2Pac and Biggie’s deaths that were actual collaborations in the studio by the rap giants.


Released for the Tupac: Resurrection Soundtrack, “Runnin'” was originally a partially finished track recorded back in 1994 called “Runnin From Da Police” for Tupac’s upcoming CD. The remake was produced by Eminem and added verses from a Biggie interview that he gave just two weeks before Tupac’s death in Las Vegas.


Remember Heavy D And The Boyz?    Their DJ, Eddie F released a mixtape with Heavy D trading verses with Grand Puba and two up-and-coming rappers, Tupac and Christopher Wallace.   It’s a lost classic but showed off the chemistry they could have had together if the 90’s had played out differently.