Elvis, Ann-Margret, Timberlake, & The Harlem Shake?

Best of Mike’s Daily Jukebox – originally posted April 7, 2013


annmargretCan you think of a sexier couple from the 1960’s than Elvis Presley with Ann-Margret? Viva Las Vegas not only brought the two icons together on the silver screen, their off-camera romance generated more buzz than any current TMZ exclusive. Ann-Margret’s wild, seductive style perfectly matched Elvis’ suave, cool swagger. As Elvis sings C’mon Everybody, the girls break into cheesy but, oh so perfect, choreography. You can’t forget Ann-Margret’s shake with the long red hair in sync with Elvis during the closing moment. So much fun! This scene was even immortalized in tribute on The Flintstones.


stepup4On my bucket list, join a flash mob for a Michael Jackson song!    Step Up Revolution, the fourth movie in the dance flick series has received the highest reviews of the set.   If you remember, a young unknown named Channing Tatum starred with Jenna Dewan in the critically slammed original 2006 film, Step Up.  After two low-rated follow up films, Step Up Revolution in 2012 reinvents the series.   Set on Miami Beach, a flash mob crew known as “The Mob” perform elaborate unexpected dance routines on the Strip, in a museum, at a 5 star restaurant, and downtown in City Hall.


justin-harlem-shakeWhatever your opinion on the Harlem Shake, you can’t deny the influence of the shortest song to ever top the Billboard Singles chart. With the new inclusion of YouTube views counting toward the rank of the latest singles, The Harlem Shake changed the game forever. Ironically, the song and beat was first offered to MTV’s Pauly D from Jersey Shore for his debut CD. Snare drums, lion roars, dubstep beats, and that infamous drop create a dynamic energy perfect for an internet meme craze. Here’s Barack Obama joining in and Justin Timberlake’s version on Saturday Night Live.