Below Zero? Minneapolis’ Amazing Invention and Their Punk Rock Tribute

skyway_largeIf you’re not happy with the weather in Minnesota wait a few minutes, it’ll change! The brutal winter ice storm of 2014 has wrecked havoc on the Northern U.S. States. You’ve got to give the architects of Minneapolis a lot of credit for their incredible creation of the Downtown Skyway system. If you’re unfamiliar, the second floor of the massive buildings are all connected with a series of tunnels similar to a gerbil cage. Downtown patrons are enclosed in a climate controlled environment so they can enjoy winter in Minnesota even when the weather become frightfully cold. Eleven miles and sixty nine city blocks are all connected with the system. Similarly, Houston, Atlanta, and Montreal utilize an underground city system that offer a unique metropolitan environment.


1991 replacementsOne of the most original and exciting punk rock bands of the 80’s was Minneapolis’ The Replacements. Known for their drunk, loud, and fast style, the Replacements have such a wild rock and roll history. Imagine the creativity Hollywood writers would have just with the stories of bassist Tommy Stinson and lead singer, Paul Westerberg alone. For a change of pace, Paul slowed things down in the early 80’s with a love song, “Skyway”. The somber song romanticizes a man watching a woman pass by him each day on the Minneapolis Skyway as he’s unable to talk to her. Notably, the song was later used on an episode of CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother”.