Best Christmas CD of 2014? Earth, Wind, & Fire

earth wind and fire holidayEarth, Wind, & Fire have made a career out of uplifting, high energy classy rhythm and blues music since the 1970’s.    For the first time, the legendary funk band complete with their full horn section have recorded the most fun Christmas CD of 2014.   “Holiday” is a collection of classic Christmas favorites with two new songs, “Happy Seasons” and “December”.  If those titles sound familiar to you, you must be a Earth, Wind, & Fire fan.    “December” is a obvious but glorious rewrite of “September” including dubbed vocals by original EW&F founder, Maurice White.  “Do you remember the 25th night of December…..”

“DECEMBER” Earth, Wind, & Fire

“Happy Seasons” is a holiday version of “Happy Feelings” complete with a funky horn break.  “Winter Wonderland” recalls “Boogie Wonderland” and “Away In A Manager” will take you back to the 70’s. This CD has nothing trendy or out of place.  You won’t hear any rappers, guest singers, dub-step beats, or cheap gimmicks.   This is a “feel-good” album by all-time legends that will have everyone smiling, singing, and joining in the holiday spirit.    I dare you to sit by quietly during their gospel-funk version of “Joy To The World”.