Best Compliment Ever: New Ciara, Pink, Adelita’s Way, Frank Ocean with John Mayer


One Woman Army is the new CD by Ciara due out by the end of the year.    The new video has a slow tempo but still features Ciara’s sexy dance moves.    The song has a lot of personal meaning to Ciara.    She said about “Sorry“:   “I literally had to stop myself from crying when I was writing it. You can kinda hear it on the song. I wanted to just go and vent and be free in my music. It’s my way of saying something that I’ve wanted to say to someone for a long time. It’s very real to my heart. I think it’s really cool to embrace the pain of something that may have hurt you and be able to express it through music…It’s someone that I really loved. They’ll know who they are when they hear the song.

Pink’s always been a trailblazer, a pop renegade, not afraid to take chances with her music.    Her brash and tongue-in-cheek lyrics on her new CD, “The Truth About Love” are as biting as they are hysterical.  You got a taste of it on the lead single, “Blow Me (one more kiss)“.   On her love song “True Love” dedicated to her husband, biker Carey Hart, she sings, ”At the same time I wanna hug you/I wanna wrap my hands around your neck”.

“You make me feel so alive”, BEST COMPLIMENT EVER.   Can you think of anything better to say to someone?   You make my life better and energize my emotions, pretty impressive when you really think about it.  You can just tell in the first few seconds of this brand new video that it’s going to be one of those uplifting rockers that will be one of your go-to songs when you need a blast of positive motivation.   Adelita’s Way has been making dents on the rock scene over the past four years, but still haven’t made the big time.   Their self-titled debut CD rocked harder than this new CD, Home School Valedictorian, that’s the sound I think will resonate better in the long run for the band.

While watching the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Frank Ocean was the musical guest star. He’s fresh with a new CD that the critics totally love. His biggest claim to fame is that he “came out” on a song and we all know that’s unheard of in hip hop/rap music. I wasn’t very interested in his set on SNL until I noticed he’s got John Mayer on lead guitar. Frank’s second song was “Pyramids”, a clever song that name drops Cleopatra. I wasn’t feeling Frank’s voice but the song concludes with a breathtaking, slow jam guitar solo by Mayer that took the song to another level. Stick around to the song’s amazing conclusion.