BEST NCAA STADIUM ANTHEMS: Metallica, House Of Pain, Neil Diamond?


Neil-Diamond_2545845bThe world must be coming to an end. New York Yankees fans embrace a cherished Boston Red Sox tradition during the 8th inning of a recent home game. The Yankee crowd sang Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline and pronounced they were Boston Strong as tribute to the resiliency of the city following the devastating bomb attack at the Boston Marathon. Sweet Caroline has been played during the 8th inning of Red Sox games since 2002. The University of Pittsburgh have used the song for years. Iowa State University fires up their college crowds to Neil Diamond as a college tradition before the start of the 4th quarter.


WEBImagine the scene: you’re at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin along with 100,000 other fans all dressed in red and white. The third quarter just ends and the stadium speaker play a familiar high squealed scream followed by a complete eruption and frenzy of fans in every direction. It’s been voted by Sports Illustrated as “the greatest tradition in college sports” – Wisconsin fans, cheerleaders, Bucky Badger, even rival teams join together for the greatest flash mob in sports. 100,000 people rock the stadium as they “jump around” repeatedly to the strains of 90’s hip hop classic by House Of Pain.


entersandmanBack in 2000, Virginia Tech installed a giant scoreboard in Lane Stadium above one endzone to give their crowd “Hokie Vision”. The perennial NCAA football contender wanted the perfect song to fire up up the crowd, to intimidate the visiting team, and let everyone know you’re about to witness an epic battle on the gridiron. Blacksburg, VA., becomes the scene of a Metallica concert every Saturday home game as their anthem, Enter Sandman, with its building anticipation drum beat and powerful chorus heat up the crowd’s energy.