Billy Corgan Takes A Shot At Soundgarden, Stick A Fork In Limp Bizkit: Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Limp Bizkit


The Smashing Pumpkins released a new CD, Oceania, last month that has received excellent reviews.  Their new music adds to their legacy with an updated sound that is as relevant as any new bands in 2012.   While they’re back in the spotlight, Billy Corgan took a moment to take a shot at Chris Cornell’s band this week.   With Soundgarden ready to release their first new CD in what feels like forever, Billy said, ” When Soundgarden came back and they just played their old songs, great. I was a fan of Soundgarden, but call it for what it is. They’re just out there to have one more round at the till; same with Pavement and these other bands.”   Here’s looking back at two of the best videos of the 90’s.


This summer, the latest Soundgarden song, “Live To Rise”, was released on the Avengers soundtrack.  Hmmm, it was ok, typical.   I’m hoping Billy’s wrong and Chris Cornell steps it up and conjures another grunge classic.   Their album is scheduled for November 13th.   Guitarist, Kim Thayil, said the music will reestablish that Soundgarden is “still heavy and a little weird”.   Two track titles leaked are:  “A Thousand Days Before” and “Blood On The Valley Floor”.


Fred Durst announced this week that Limp Bizkit is over.   Fred said, “Here’s the deal: say in 2000, there were 35 million people who connected to this band. Twelve years later, lots of those people have moved on. We were a moment in time and it’s over.”    Limp Bizkit signed with Lil Wayne’s Cash Money records in May and plans to release 2 more CD’s but Fred acknowledges their time in the spotlight has passed them by. Here’s a favorite of mine back in the day, a retired TRL video classic.  Fred’s sporting his signature red Yankees cap, quoting the now ironic line, “Thank God it’s over!”