BLACK FRIDAY: Top 10 Bands With Black In Their Name

black fridayLast year, we counted down the Top 10 songs of all-time with “Black” in the song’s title.   Who are the Top 10 bands to have “Black” in the group’s name?     Honorable Mention:  Blackbyrds (70’s soul), Black Sheep (80’s rap), Black Veil Brides (00’s alt rockers), and Blackberry Smoke (00’s Southern rockers)

10.  Blackhawk       Six country albums and #1 hit, “Goodbye Says It All”

9.    Black Box        80’s dance band, “Everybody Everybody”, “Strike It Up”, “Ride On Time”

8.    Black Stone Cherry   Keeping Southern Rock alive in this century.

7.    Blackstreet        No diggity, no doubt, Teddy Riley’s New Jack Swing band changed the game in the 90’s

6.    Black Label Society  Zakk Wylde’s heavy metal band has released nine studio albums and influenced modern day metal.

5.    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts      From 1981 to the present day, Joan Jett’s backing band has released 10 albums with Joan.

4.    Black Keys         Multi-Grammy Award winners in 2013, look for the Ohio rockers to climb this list in the following years.

3.    Black Crowes     The Robinson brothers have sold 30 million albums worldwide.  “Remedy”, “Hard To Handle”, “She Talks To Angels” certified classics.

2.    Black Eyed Peas   One of the most influential hip hop bands of the past decade.  56 million records sold and the second most downloaded band/artist of all-time.

1.    Black Sabbath       There would be no heavy metal genre without Black Sabbath.  Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and of course, Ozzy Osbourne are the only “Black” band in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (2006)