BLACK ICE IN THE ICE BOX: Goodie Mob and There For Tomorrow


goodie mob ceeloToday, Cee-Lo Green is known for his hit, “F-You”, outrageous costumes, and his appearances on NBC’s The Voice. But Cee-Lo got his start in the Atlanta rap group, Goodie Mob. Their name comes from the moniker Good Die Mainly Over Bull-Sh$t. If you’re looking for a track to add to your late night driving playlist, their instrumental version of Black Ice is the ultimate chilled out, laid-back feeling good song. Fellow Atlanta natives, Outkast, join the band on this funk workout. This homemade video is so creative!




there for tomorrow ice boxWeird combination here! R&B boy band member, Omarian, from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label took “Ice Box” to #12 on the Billboard Pop Charts in 2007. The song was remixed with Busta Rhymes and Da Brat. So when pop-punk, post-hardcore band, There For Tomorrow, was looking for a song to cover in 2009, they looked to the Auto-tuned Timbaland-produced Omarian hit. Of course, it’s an instant classic switching genres and adding a new intensity with the musical twist.