Black Sabbath Deluxe Songs

Black Sabbath 13 Deluxe CDIt’s become such a common money-making scheme that we just accept it now. A band releases their CD with 10 or 12 songs on it. Sales soar for the first couple weeks, but after a few months the band needs to do something to renew some excitement and pick up the CD sales. Let’s repackage the same CD with a couple of B-Sides (songs usually not good enough for the official CD), a remix or two of the big singles, and usually an obligatory duet with the latest rapper du jour is added and jack up the price another $4. Thankfully sometimes the bonus tracks are the best songs on the CD!

Black-Sabbath-Tony-IommiBlack Sabbath’s latest CD, 13, cashed in with multiple deluxe editions. In the U.S., three bonus tracks were added including the phenomenal tribute to the 70’s, “Peace Of Mind”. Ozzy’s vocals are on point and only amplified by the strong and deliberate bassline, if you’re a fan of the band’s early dark and heavy grooves, you’ve got to check it out. The Japanese Deluxe Version added four songs to the original CD. A revival of Naivete In Black is dominated by a brilliant Tommy Iommi guitar solo. The sped-up version almost sounds like Black Sabbath trying to do their best Metallica imitation. Both songs deserved to be part of the CD’s original 13 songs.

“PEACE OF MIND” (interesting home video here!)