Blackfish Controversy: Pat Benatar and Many More Pull Out of Busch Gardens

BLACKFISH-Last October, CNN aired the documentary, “Blackfish” on the treatment of animals at Sea World.   The brutal film has angered animal rights activists worldwide and put a huge black eye on the face of Sea World.   Almost immediately after the airing, Canadian rockers, Barenaked Ladies, pulled out their scheduled concert  after seeing a petition on      That just opened the gate to artist after artist sharing their disgust at the Florida theme park.  Willie Nelson remarked, “I’m not happy with the way they treat animals” and dropped out.   Heart, Cheap Trick, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, and Trace Adkins joined the boycott list.

pat benatarThen last weekend, Pat Benatar and her husband, Neil Geraldo, announced that since Busch Gardens is associated with Sea World they would be cancelling their scheduled date for February’s Bands, Brews, and BBQ.    Shortly afterward, the legendary Beach Boys followed but promised their Tampa fans they’d be back soon.    Busch Gardens responded, “We respect their decision but we’re disappointed that there is a media controversy enacted by animal activists and based on misinformation.”    They encouraged these artists to come to the park, speak to the handlers, see firsthand their conservation efforts, and get the real story.